Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Online Auction

Please take a moment and check out our online auction to benefit a boy from Liberia.  Thank you!

Global Orphan Outreach

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day

The kids got their dad a grill for Father's Day. It is a beautiful grill with 6 burners, and so large that we don't have to grill in shifts anymore. We appreciate the grill, but as I look at this picture I realize how blessed we have been over the years. Seven beautiful kids with 7 different personalities. Each special and unique. Each enriching our lives more than anything else ever could. One precious grandbaby who has us all wrapped around her itty, bitty finger. This is a good season of life!  We're gonna miss this!

 The new grill

The first meal off the new grill.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One of these days I will catch up with posting on a regular basis. Recently, our school kids displayed their artwork at an end of year show. Here is something that Kayla did. It's one of her friends. Great job, Kayla!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Son's First School

I have been getting ready to start planning the Walkathon for this summer now, and truthfully I am alittle bit nervous about it. Last year we raised enough money for 26 kids to be put into school. What if we can't raise enough money to send them all back?? What if I have to tell some of them that they won't be able to go? What if? I want to see each child back in school to continue their education. I guess I am going to have to change my thinking (worrying) about it and just keep on keeping on and pressing toward that goal. Still...... Anyway, as I was thinking of all this walk stuff, I look back and remember another little boy who was once in school in Liberia just like these children. What if he was the one right now waiting on me? He is home now but there is still so much more we can do for the kids still in Liberia. What about you? Will you join me this year in helping these children stay in school? We could use your help! If you haven't checked out our walk blog click here and come see what we have been up to. And then click back here and see where my son spent his first year of school.
Name of School:  Catherine Reese Preparatory School
Location of School:  Du-Port Rd., Paynesville Community
Year of Establishment:  1997
Principal:  Gbalee Nyogbe

While Catherine Reese Preparatory School is not a school we are currently working with, it is an important school to our family.  This school is my son's first school.  This is a part of him and a time in his life that we did not share with him.  These are the pictures we will put in his Lifebook.

This is where my son used to walk to school every day. It is the building and the people that gave him his first glimpse of the world around him.

This is the group of children that attend this school.  Some of these children went to school with my son.  He played with them and I am sure fought with them and learned alongside of them.

His day would start with lining up like this for morning devotions,

and the pledge to their flag.  Probably a song or two (or three, knowing the culture of Liberia).

He would have played a game of soccer (or football in Liberia) for sure with these guys.  His competitive little 5 or 6 year old self would have hated to quit the game in order to go back to study.

I can picture his cute little face sitting in the room learning his ABC's and how to spell Teddy.

And another break for Phy-Ed class.  Oh this would have been at the top of his list too!

Students heading back to class with Principal Nyogbe close behind.

I don't know if these are all the same teachers that were there when Teddy was there but most likely some of them taught my son.  And although we will never know all of Teddy's history, we know that the people that invested into his life when he was in Liberia have shaped who he is today.  I am thankful.

Teddy with his teacher now.  She is an awesome teacher and Teddy loves her class!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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